The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) is quickly emerging as the global best practice for climate-related risk and opportunity disclosures with New Zealand, Switzerland, the UK, and China announcing moves to mandate TCFD-aligned reporting by organizations. As such, many businesses have embarked on a TCFD journey to identify and disclose their climate impact.

There are two ways to start this journey: with a consulting firm or a climate intelligence platform like Manifest Climate. Choosing our platform is the more cost-effective and user-friendly option, as not only do we offer a comprehensive TCFD reporting solution, we also provide up-to-the-minute market intelligence and educational content. Together, these capabilities give our clients actionable insights they can use internally and share with stakeholders and investors.

Manifest Climate provides an unparalleled climate change AI-based software solution. We are the only Software as a Service (SaaS) powered by one of the world’s largest climate impact data sets, meaning we can provide rich insights and decision-useful information to our clients.  With our deep expertise with TCFD reporting, we are the ideal partner to help you tell your climate story.

1. Combining Climate Change AI, Machine Learning, and Climate Strategist Expertise

As one of North America’s largest climate technology solution providers, our team of multi-industry climate consultants understands the full scale of the climate challenge. We leverage cutting-edge climate change AI, advanced analytics, and an industry-leading repository of climate risk disclosures and best practices to deliver up-to-date, independent, and decision-useful insights faster and more cost-effectively than alternatives. Our tools also scan a world-leading repository of climate disclosure best practices currently in effect, so clients know our insights are best in class. 

2. Quality and Clear Climate Maturity Assessment

Our proprietary methodology assesses an organization’s climate maturity, considering both the clarity (breadth of coverage) and quality (depth of actions) of their climate story against TCFD recommendations. Our team of climate experts uses our AI climate change software to tailor solutions specifically to your profile, ensuring all your needs are covered.

3. Data Driven Market Intelligence

We provide comprehensive coverage and independent insight on key climate trends, based on news and analysis from over 370,000 trusted global outlets. We do the heavy lifting and bring you the news you truly need, saving you the trouble. Our Market Intelligence Module also features peer tracking so you can benchmark your climate progress against your competitors’. 

4. Relief to the Sustainability Team during Training

Every organization needs to internalize climate knowledge and climate capabilities as soon as possible. We train your team on climate-related financial risk, climate resilience, advancements and disclosures so you don’t have to.

5. Tailored for Your Business’s Needs

Because of our platform’s modular design, clients can choose the solutions that work for them. Manifest Climate can serve as your one-stop-shop for TCFD-aligned reporting and climate intelligence, or specific elements can serve as a bolt-on to your existing climate change program. This means we are also more cost-efficient as you have the ability to scale up and scale down at any time.

6. Real-time Data and Actionable Inputs

We ask for your input and participation to help progress your climate journey. This way, you are in control and can choose what you report. This cooperative process also produces a deeper understanding of the climate risks and opportunities facing your business which can lead to better-informed actions. We empower you, inspire your growth, and allow you to progress better than any other climate change software out there no matter where you are in your climate journey.  

7. Quick Climate Risk Assessment, Quality Results

The Manifest Climate team, using our AI climate change software, can move swiftly to complete climate risk and opportunity assessments and get results turned around quickly for inclusion in financial risk reports, sustainability reports, ESG reports, board meetings, and more. Our average assessment cycle for a customer right now is under four weeks from start to report in hand.

Show the World Your True Climate Story

These 7 benefits show why Manifest Climate is the ideal partner for your climate journey. By helping you showcase your full climate story and view business decision-making through a climate lens, we can help you manage risks and maximize opportunities. 

To find out more about our climate intelligence platform check out our product.