August 15, 2023

Companies around the world are continuing to grapple with the ever-evolving regulations and investor expectations surrounding climate disclosure and management. But many don’t know where to begin on their climate journeys, how to address the growing threat of climate risk, and the steps to managing it. Additionally, many are still unsure how to juggle climate risk alongside competing corporate priorities and how to recognize when it’s necessary to allocate resources toward managing it.

In this webinar, Manifest Climate chats with climate and sustainability experts from Bridge Investment Group, a US-based real estate investment firm, about the company’s climate journey and its challenges and wins along the way. Isela Rosales — Bridge’s Managing Director, Head of ESG & Sustainability — and Anna Benjamin — Bridge’s Vice President, Climate Lead — discuss leading indicators for when it is time to address climate risk, what it was like building climate consensus across the organization, and how Manifest Climate helped.

They also discuss their reflections and top lessons learned from Bridge’s climate journey, offering viewers practical takeaways on how to disclose and manage climate risk at their organizations.