Climate change is transforming how we build and maintain infrastructure, perform work, transport goods, source raw materials, and deliver products and services. Industry standards must evolve as well if they are relevant and useful in the wake of these changes.

Manifest Climate worked with the Standards Council of Canada to prepare the Guide for Integrating Climate Change Adaptation Considerations into Canadian Standards (Guide). Standards professionals can use the Guide to embed climate change adaptation considerations within the standard development or revision process in line with consistent principles, methods and techniques. 

The Guide discusses how climate change impacts Canada, what adaptation means, and what guiding principles, questions, and processes to consider when integrating climate change adaptation into applicable standards. Case studies, such as the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, are provided to illustrate how the Guide can be used. 

Professionals, including those writing and maintaining standards, are encouraged to use the Guide to consider climate-related risks in line with their other business risks. Professionals are not expected to be experts in climate change. Where necessary or helpful, the Guide encourages standards writers to seek advice from qualified professionals and relevant subject matter experts. 

Manifest Climate is proud to contribute to the conversation to better consider and integrate climate change into core operating considerations, including codes and standards. Contact us for more information on how we can help your organization understand and communicate climate-related risks and opportunities.

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