February 15th, 11 am ET

Thousands of organizations claim to produce climate reports that align with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). But how many of these reports contain actionable information that investors and other stakeholders can use to make critical decisions? 

Manifest Climate applied its unique methodology to 100 companies’ disclosures to find the answer. This revealed that only 49% of companies with TCFD-aligned reports actually disclose decision-useful information. Furthermore, no company produces decision-useful information for all the TCFD recommendations.

In this webinar, Manifest Climate will discuss the findings of its Disclosure Benchmark Review in-depth, describe the factors that make for a decision-useful climate report, and assess how changing regulatory and investor expectations may improve the quality and usefulness of disclosures going forward.


Presented By:

Louie Woodall

Editorial Lead
Manifest Climate

Aysha Cotterill

Data Scientist
Manifest Climate

Daina Goldfinger

Deputy Editor
Manifest Climate