December 6, 2022

Following COP27, Manifest Climate, together with experts from BNP Paribas Asset Management and the UN PRI’s Inevitable Policy Response (IPR), take stock of this year’s most important climate policy decisions and what they mean for the business community. 

From the US Inflation Reduction Act to the European Union’s Sustainable Taxonomy, financial institutions and real-economy companies alike are grappling with how to navigate climate policy impacts and the risks and opportunities they bring. In this webinar we explore these topics and more, and explain why it’s so important for businesses to keep track of fast-moving climate trends. 

The IPR’s Tanya Khotim provides an overview of this year’s climate policies and the role of the Inevitable Policy Response in preparing companies for climate transition risks, while BNP Paribas’ Jane Ambachtsheer provides an investor’s perspective. Manifest Climate’s Pete Richardson also breaks down the key topics discussed at COP27 and what they mean for businesses.

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Presented By:

Pete Richardson

Head of Research
Manifest Climate

Jane Ambachtsheer

Global Head of Sustainability
BNP Paribas Asset Management

Louie Woodall

Editorial Lead
Manifest Climate

Tanya Khotin