Climate Strategy

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Closing the ‘Say-Do’ Climate Gap

Companies are touting their climate credentials in increasing numbers, with many disclosing plans that show their commitments to a green, climate-safe world. In its recent…

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The Investment Case for Climate Opportunities

While asset managers are in the business of growing their clients’ wealth, they’re also increasingly being asked to support climate goals. On paper these two…

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Climate Action Plans: Setting Goals and Overcoming Obstacles

October 18th, 2022 Companies big and small are considering how to take climate action. However, many do not know where to start, or what climate…

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How to Kick-Start a Climate Action Plan

Companies big and small are thinking about producing climate action plans. Some are under pressure to do so from regulators or shareholders, while others are…

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Five Ways Mining Companies Can Engage on Climate, and the Business Case For Doing So

September 21st, 2022 Mining is in a unique position: it has direct or indirect responsibility for more than ¼ of the world’s emissions and also…

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Climate Basics: Six Key Takeaways

This blog is based on a Manifest Climate webinar that was moderated by our CEO and co-founder Laura Zizzo and in conversation with climate strategists…

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How Climate Change Can Create Opportunities for Businesses to Thrive

Businesses face many physical and transition risks from climate change, but also many opportunities. Through efficiency, innovation, and growth, businesses can take measures to ensure…

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Real Estate, TCFD, and Net Zero: How Asset Managers Can Get Started

Climate disruption is already affecting businesses in a myriad of ways, causing many companies to pledge net-zero goals. As climate awareness grows, investor demand has…

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Why Continuous Climate Education is Important for Businesses

Climate education has become increasingly relevant for businesses as governments around the world increase their focus on climate policies and regulations. In order to get…

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TCFD Strategy White Paper – What Does Good Look Like

A good climate strategy is just good business. An organization with a well-developed climate strategy is able to address climate-related risks and leverage climate-related opportunities….